Back in 1919, a small printing company named Greenwell Chisholm set up shop in a modest building at 232 Frederica Street in Owensboro, KY.

Greenwell Chisholm was started by the late Emmett Greenwell and the late Paul E. Chisholm. They started in the printing industry because of Paul Chisholm’s experience typesetting for the local newspaper, along with the older Emmett Greenwell’s experience as the circulation manager.

Although four generations of Greenwells have guided the company throughout its numerous years, there was a time when Greenwell was dropped from the company masthead. William R. Earle bought out the first Greenwell’s partnership in 1924. The company was for a short time called “Chisholm-Earle.” Six years later in the midst of the depression, Vincent Greenwell, Emmett’s brother, along with Emmett’s father, took over Earle’s ownership, and the company reverted to its original name. Although there have been other owners besides the Greenwells involved with the company throughout the years, the name has remained the same. The current owner is Carl Greenwell. The only name difference in over 70 years has been the name that Greenwell Chisholm uses for its divisions - GC Promotions, GC Mailing & Fullfillment, and GC Wide Format.

Greenwell Chisholm has come a long way since 1919. From the small building in which they opened, through construction in 1957 of a new building and then again in 1994, Greenwell Chisholm has grown from a “local printer” into a company doing business on a national level. After working with clients in Evansville for many years, it was time for a physical presence there. Greenwell Chisholm acquired Schwindel Graphics in 2015, making it more convenient for our southern Indiana customers.

With the latest in computer-to-plate technologies, new generation printing presses and full Internet capabilities, we have grown from a company that printed on “paper” to a company that can put your logo on virtually anything, from four-color brochures to pens, shirts, jackets, signs, banners, and almost anything you can imagine!

One thing has never changed though: our commitment to quality and customer service. Those standards are the same now as they were when Greenwell Chisholm opened its doors in 1919!

1919-1957 Circa 1920's