We primarily work on Macintosh systems which have few restrictions. However, keep in mind that file names should normally not be longer than 18 characters and should be in lower case. Also, it is safer to use underscores ( _ ) instead of spaces in a file name.
Example Good File Name: file_name.tif
Example Bad File Name: file name.tif

Do Not Use:

Spaces, dashes, periods, capital letters, slashes, dollar signs, hyphens, commas, etc.

PC Users- Check your file name:

Ensure that your final file is one of the following formats that we can accept if you are not submitting a PDF as your final file. Your file name must end with one of the following examples:

Do not change the file extensions such as .tif, .eps, etc. Files cannot be read by our Mac system without these extensions and if there are too many characters it will shorten the name and then may require the files to be relinked in the document. The following file name is acceptable: pic_boy.tif