Pro’s of the PDF

PDF is a universal electronic file format. Documents in the PDF format can be viewed, navigated and printed from any computer regardless of the fonts or software programs used to create the original. PDF files are small and self-contained, meaning that images, and graphics are embedded within a PDF document, streamlining electronic transmission and preflighting. PDF files are independent of the platform or operating system. It is one of the most versatile file formats, and is now the essential part of Greenwell Chisholm’s automated and digital workflow.

The PDF provides the best method yet for storing and defining a document for print. The same file can be used for soft proofs (PDF files sent via email or internet viewable on your computer monitor) digital contract proofing and large format (imposed) computer-to-plate devices.

There are specific settings to follow when creating a PDF file from your document. If you are a current or potential client of Greenwell Chisholm, please review the following information carefully. File preparation is a necessary and precautionary step you must take before submitting artwork to be printed. Following these standards will prevent delays or additional charges for corrections. Please contact us for additional support.

Con’s of the PDF

While the PDF is versatile and the preferred file format at Greenwell Chisholm, there are editing limitations. If the PDF file you submit has changes at the proofing stage, usually a new revised PDF from the client is required. Additional charges may be applied, and could possibly delay production of your printed job.