We accept a variety of software applications. Greenwell Chisholm fully supports the following:

Adobe InDesign

This application has become a more widely acceptable program for page layout and design. The majority of our staff specializes in this program. To collect all files and fonts necessary in order to send to Greenwell Chisholm, choose FILE > PACKAGE >. The program will automatically preflight the document and then it should give you a “Printing Instructions” box. It would be very helpful if you filled in as much of that information as possible. After you do this, click on the “Continue” button. It will ask you to name your folder and let you choose where to save it to. When you click on the Save button it will give you a Font disclaimer. Click OK. It should then begin saving (packaging) your files. After this is complete, you will see a folder with the necessary contents. This folder is what you need to send to Greenwell Chisholm in its entirety for us to go to press with.


Once you have completed the layout of your document, save it in a separate folder. Then choose FILE > COLLECT FOR OUTPUT and collect that report and file in the newly created folder.

Adobe Illustrator

Be sure that your artwork is selected and converted to CMYK process. This is the recommended program if your file has special finishing such as die cutting.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Acrobat

Other Applications:
Please call if your file is Corel Draw, Freehand, PageMaker or Microsoft programs (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher etc.). Often Microsoft programs present obstacles which are sometimes difficult to overcome. Publisher can be acceptable, but please contact us for details on how to prepare. Some versions of Corel Draw, Freehand, etc. allow you to save your artwork as Illustrator formats.

IMPORTANT: Opening earlier versions of software may result in reflowing of text and other elements. Include a printed sample of your layout as a guide and color samples of images or artwork for color matching. These items are important for verifying that the final product closely matches the concept of the designer. We will not be responsible for the finished product if these samples of layout and colors are not included with your order.

Documents may be converted to PDF files but must be saved in PRINT format and embed the fonts and graphics in your Save preferences. Please contact us for specific PDF options.

Linked Artwork:

Designs created in drawing programs like Illustrator should be saved in EPS format and included with the layout.

Scanned and Digital Images:

Your scanned or digital images and artwork should be 350 dpi placed at 100%. Images that start off as 350 dpi and are reduced will have a higher resolution. Images that are 350 dpi and are enlarged will have a lower resolution. We don’t recommend enlarging images over 30%.

Change the color mode to CMYK (for 4 color process printing) and save your file as an .eps, tiff or (.psd if your file contains layers). Make sure to scale and rotate your images before placing them in the document. Allow at least a .125″ (1/8 inch) bleed for trim when design is required. We are not responsible for color reproduction from customer supplied scans.