• PROOFREAD thoroughly before submitting your file to GC for printing. Greenwell Chisholm can not be responsible for typographical errors.
  • Include a printout of the most recent saved file.
  • If you are submitting a PDF, please make sure you follow the specific PDF creation job options.
  • If you are submitting native files (Quark, InDesign, etc.,) please follow your programs job collection feature (i.e. QuarkXPress’ “Collect for output”, or InDesigns “Package”). This feature will gather fonts and linked graphics or images used, and place them in a folder for you to send to GC. (See “Media” below media types accepted)

Talk to your customer service representative about what type of final proof you will require as your final proof. All 4-color process jobs must be reviewed and approved by the client prior to print production.


Although Greenwell Chisholm makes every effort to ensure the quality of your printing project, it is the customer’s responsibility to check that the following is correct;

  1. Proper Layout
  2. Color Breaks
  3. Final Size
  4. Image Placement
  5. Copy and for Typographical Errors. Greenwell Chisholm can not be responsible for any typographical errorrs.

IMPORTANT NOTES: If you have any questions about file preparation, please don’t hesistate to contact us for specifics BEFORE you send your files. It can save you money on costly edits. Please contact us for specific information.


We support the following formats
• USB Memory Stick
• Via FTP your customer service representative can provide you with login information.

NOTE: If you are placing files on FTP site or emailing files, please zip or stuff the files to avoid possible corruption of file data.

Other Important File Preparation information:

  • Create documents at actual size.
  • Apply bleed as necessary.
  • Import links or images at 100%.
  • Indicate fold lines, score lines, perf lines.
  • Consider fold lines, etc. when placing type in your document.
  • Allow 5/8″ for hole punching and keep copy and pics from this area.
  • We recommend no less than 3/16″ margins, 1/4″ for catalogs with more than 40 pages.
  • Check font usage and include all screen and printer fonts used in all files.
  • Include all files linked to your document. DO NOT store files in your document.
  • Include a printed sample of your layout and a color sample of images and artwork.
  • Allow at least 3/8″ margin on envelope and postcard designs. Our presses require this for gripper.

For additional questions or support please contact us via email or (270) 684-3267